48hrs collective

an embodied research praxis that takes place in an alternative shared space for the duration of 48hrs to be compared with narratives and dynamics of capitalist realism,
since 2021

“The stressed out individuals seek refuge from capitalism and discover their collective body is quite dysfunctional.”

In the year of 2021 the now called 48hrs collective started to curate different experiences open to those who are curious about imagining a world beyond capitalism. In three different sessions of a collective experience over 48 hours, eight to ten people were invited to share and create an alternative space together as a means of transferring post-capitalist imaginations into an embodied praxis and vice versa. The project is drawing on input by late theorist Mark Fisher and his work on post-capitalist desire, situationist tactics and the notion of worlding. Different embodiment practices from dance and theatre, spatial narration techniques, character creation, collective cooking, as well as other methods were shared as a means to softly guide the participants with the aim of evolving the individual‘s perspective through a collective praxis.

-> 48hrs at HELLERAU – Europäisches Zentrum der Künste 2021
-> 48hrs at Cynetart Festival 2022

- more info coming soon