La Passeggiata

short film, HD, bw, 5min33;
DE, 2021

A young woman loses herself thoughtfully in the architectural backdrop of Marzahn in Berlin. Matching scenes and sounds from "La Notte" (Michelangelo Antonioni, 1964), the film examines the cinematic quality of Marzahn's formerly utopian urbanity. The protagonist's melancholy is reflected in empty spaces and planned urban infrastructure.

idea & script: Lisa Hoffmann
camera: Moritz Hossli
edit: Lisa Hoffmann & Moritz Hossli
sound and music composition: Daniel Schellongowski

Screening history:

2023/24 – Utopia heute, Videocity, Basel (CH) – upcoming
11/2022 – Festival International de Cine Silente México
10-11/2022 – Futuretro, Athens Digital Arts Festival (GR/online)
03/2022  – Urban Scenes 1: People, Screening, Tampere Film Festival (FI)
11/2021 – Berlin Short Encounters: Space, Visionär Film Festival, Berlin (DE)
10/2021 – Memory of a Home, Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam, Rotterdam (NL)
05/2021 – Cracks in the Foundation, Screening, Shortfilm Festival Hamburg (DE)