(On the Subject of Boundaries and the Notion of Containment)

edition of 10 handmade objects (porcelain),
dimensions 25x25x25cm;

» I am handed a strangely shaped white ceramic vessel wondering all the while what it can possibly be, it is funnel shaped, but the thin end, where you‘d expect the water to flow through is sealed, rounded; not sealed really, in that it was never an opening.

„What is it“ I ask the proud manufacturer of the object.

„A vase,“ she looked delighted, I suspect now, relishing this familiar moment of bewilderment.

„A vase? But how does it stand up, do you push it into the earth or something?“

„No, it floats in water.“

I am immediately catapulted onto a swirling journey of tumbling questions all based within my bewilderment and wonder.  

(...) «

(text by Mark Anthony)