performative experiment, duration 48 hours;
in collaboration with Marjorie Potiron;
staged for the first time at BBB centre d’art;
Toulouse, 2016

performers: Anna Molliere, Solène Caillebotte, Marjorie Potiron, Lisa Hoffmann

Four people seek refuge in a space declared a bunker. Their main task is to survive. Before locking themselves in, they agree on a set of rules.

1. It is forbidden to leave the bunker during the 48 hours of the experience.

2. Nobody can join the experience once it has started.

3. All telephone and internet access to the outside world from the bunker is forbidden.

4. Any display of time inside the bunker is forbidden.

5. Each participant will be responsible for bringing any equipment they deem necessary to the experiment. He or she will no longer be able to procure any materials once the experience has begun.

6. The participants accept to partake in the experience without having previously formed any kind of hierarchy or having agreed on any kind of organization.

Throughout the performance, they construct themselves stories and a habitat. After 48 hours, they leave the space full of traces open for the spectators. It is up to the audience to believe in what they see – or not.