At the Beach / In my Dreams

installation (cobblestones from the streets of Odessa, banner),
dimensions variable;

video-performance, duration 6min22 (looped);
Museum of Odessa Modern Art, 2015

»Sous les pavés, la plage«  (the beach beneath the street) is a slogan originating in May 1968. Translated into Ukrainian, the phrase is depicted in the Odessa Museum of Modern Art as a banner on the wall, only with the words pavement and beach interchanged.  Below the banner can be found an assemblage of cobblestones arranged as a loose map. Typical for Ukrainian streets, they are all very different in style and size. Besides the installation, a video is running in a loop. The camera follows a person holding a cobblestone in the hands on the back as she is walking through the streets of Odessa and entering the Museum of Modern Art.