... and I am still waiting at the Berlin wall ...

installation (threads, spotlight, sketches);
dimensions 180cm x 150 cm
Toulouse, 2014

... and I am still waiting at the Berlin Wall... was created in situ within two weeks. The audience could witness the laborious process of tying the nine different kinds of ribbon to a web. The patterns are derived from nine different physical borders that divide regions worldwide, for religious, ideological or economic reasons. The assemblage comprises significant structures to a web, including the wall in-between Israel and Palestine, the fence between the US and Mexico, the wall dividing Iran and Pakistan, the Peace Line in Nortern Ireland, the Green Line in Cyprus, the wall between Sunnites and Shiites in Baghdad, the Moroccan Western Sahara Wall and the concrete mark between North and South Corea.

The work emerged as a response to the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall that was largely celebrated in 2014.