Anxiety & Design
(How to form a design movement)
design research project;
exhibition catalog [120 pages, colour], Manifesto [20 postcards], conceptual objects;
Weimar, 2015

This research project develops questions around the emergence, activities and impact of design movements through the form of an exhibition catalogue. The analyses and interpretation of actual historical movements interact with and are sometimes merged with those of a fictional contemporary movement called “EnDe”. This new design movement is elaborated through the creation of a manifesto, emblematic objects, a photo of the collective and other elements. It is a theorhetical movement based on the assumption that nothing is stable but in a constant state of becoming (En Devenir). Like this, the project is a vent to respond to a personal crisis of being a designer torn between the demands of a market and the will to find attentive alternatives, the striving for empowerment, refusal and belonging.