Fabulous Jakobshäuschen

participatory events, eatable sculptures (gingerbread), photographs;
dimensions variable;
Kunstfest Weimar, 2015

Surrounded by UNESCO protected cityscape, the student dorm Jakobsplan is depicted as the supposed ugly duckling within Weimar’s classical environment. The socialist apartment block embodies a history and an architecture which are inconsistent with the city’s image and it is therefore maligned or ignored. Yet its towering existence begs the question: what do we want to preserve?

Alongside residents and visitors, Lisa Hoffmann recreated Jakobsplan as nine gingerbread houses. The process of collective baking took place in the nine communal kitchens, which are all very different, ranging from impersonal, dirty, neglected spaces to cozy meeting places. While being exhibited together with photographs of the original works, the houses were eaten by visitors as well as the residents.