Screentesting: ( ghosts are made of bedsheets )

4-channel video-installation, 7 Bioscreens (120 x 130cm), HD video loop (33min27);

“Lisa Hoffmann’s work Screentesting: ( ghosts are made of bedsheets ) stages the specters of our past, present and future, particularly focusing on the return of objects, hyperobjects, and recurring states of mind at a time of growing ecological anxiety and uncertainty. The work explores the tension between embodiment and dematerialization, and between materialization and decomposition, through a multifaceted reflection on life itself, indirectly encouraging a positive approach to mortality and material decay. As a “screentesting,” it punctuates a stage in the development of an unfinished process, the frozen-in-time frame of a story in perpetual evolution and transformation. The multi-channel video projection is composed of seven screens crafted by the artist in biodegradable materials and named “bioscreens”, whose placement marks the physical, imaginary, and porous separation among rooms and different states of matter. In the videos, the artist performs in front of the computer camera, her body spectrally materializing/dematerializing according to the reading standards and biases of the videoconferencing software Webex. Texts generated by a collaborative stream of consciousness between the human, the more-than-human, and the machine, accompany this shifting bodily presence, in a sympoiesis that brings together biological and technological ways of questioning the existence and making sense of the world.”

Text: Vanina Saracino

full text here