how curious, how real

installation (objects, sculptures & photographs in situ),
diverse materials;
created for Ci.CLO Bienal 2019, Porto

how curious, how real is a taxonomy of ideas, they are inscribed onto our current human ways of seeing, knowing and doing and in the end upon our Biosphere itself.

The installation incorporates the dominant visual codes of the “Natural“, such as the romanticized landscapes of the Island, the Desert, the Mountain or those singular entities charged with symbolic power like the palm tree, the shell, the wind, the sun... This self reflective imagery derives from the glorified narratives of the Age of Discovery, Modern Science, Natural History, Popular Mythology as well as the formation of International Trade and Travel. Central to the work is the question of how this Western relation to Nature has shaped many misleading, one dimensional and fragmented stories we share.

how curious, how real is a site-specific and site-sensitive work embedded in the gardens of Palácio de Cristal, a park inhabited by friends and families, pigeons an peacocks, and strongly marked by imperialistic and romantic History. Sculptures, objects and photographs are installed in a succession of locations within the gardens, waiting to to be encountered. Taken together with the central installation at an Acoustic Shell they shape negative space and create inversions. The installation is an attempt to trace the narratives and core conceptional constructs that shape the reality we share – ”humanité, tu es mon paysage“.