Berlin unter Palmen
intervention and installation
(photographs, hashtag, postcards, website);
since 2020 (ongoing)

#palmsofberlin is an ongoing photographic exploration of palms in Berlin. With the palms, various questions emerge: Is the palm tree native to Berlin? What do categories of belonging mean? How is our environment changing due to climate catastrophe? Who travels around the world? What are paradisiacal conditions? (...)

For more than three years the project #palmsofberlin has been in the making, in Raum on Demand it was presented to the public for the first time. In a week-long open studio, selected images from the series were shown as postcards. After this first materialization,  the project will be continued in other parts of the city in a wide variety of locations.

In addition, the website gathers photographs of the palms of Berlin. Everyone is invited to submit photos under the hashtag #palmsofberlin and to palms(at) This will create a growing online archive that will provide a cartography and taxonomy of Berlin palms.

#palmsofberlin is a collection, a condensation, a poetry: that of the city where palms DO grow. In the tradition of Lucius Burckhardt, the palm tree makes it possible to perceive urban space from a different perspective and to playfully appropriate it. And what's more, it's fun.

Palms of Berlin at Raum on demand, Alte Münze, Berlin

Palms of Berlin at Kiosk of Solidarity, Rundgang 2023, photos (c) Monika Keiler

 ”Für ein Leben unter Palmen”, essay and photographs published in: Kontaminiert Werden Magazine 2, 2023