Ceci n‘est pas (un objet)

a guided visit of a four-part exhibition,
installation (objects, scale models, boxes, images/videos);
in collaboration with Marjorie Potiron;
Toulouse, 2014

Ceci n‘est pas (un objet) is an exhibition. A guided visit leads to four different spaces that each present the same 20 fictive objects in different ways.

1 ’’
The first room displays 20 scale models of (the) fictive objects.
The scale models are entirely white.
A narrator presents each scale model to the audience.

2 ’’
In the second room, twenty art storage boxes are placed in a line.
Each box is labeled with the description of the fictive object it refers to.

3 ’’
The third room presents ten fictive scenarios in the form of
photographs, videos and collages featuring the fictive objects.
Each scenario illustrates a fragment of a potential story.

4 ’’
The fourth room is built like a film set, reproducing two rooms of an apartment. Within this scene, the twenty fictive objects are presented among other objects from everyday life.