You, Me, the Sea
installation with sound, light, dust and other in/organic materials,
in collaboration with Daniel Schellongowski;

Deep sea is as little known as deep space, but our fragile ecosystems are directly connected. For example, marine snow is an important energy source for life in the deep sea. By human impact this constant flow of organic material is thinning out while being more and more permeaded with micro-plastics and other toxins. There is no away.

You, Me, the Sea is a dark environment comprised of interactive sounds, textile sculptures made to be explored with our haptic senses, interrupted by stroboscobic lights. Laserbeams are scnanning the darkness, making visible the dust particles whirled up from the textile ground by the spectator, creating glowing patterns above the ground.

You, Me, the Sea is an invitation to think about the repercussions of our actions and explore the relation between intruding & exploring, disrupting & immersing. The installation is a synthetic, responsive environment, made to entice the visitor to dive deeper and deeper. And deeper.