artist collective and experimental space
created in collaboration with Marjorie Potiron;

Toulouse / Weimar, 2013–2015

Laboratoires was an experimental co-working platform co-founded with Marjorie Potiron in 2013. Laboratoires was a space of the plural-S: A Space that could be anything one wanted it to be. LaboratoireS was a cinema, a restaurant, a gallery, an atelier, a museum, a boat, a garden, an enterprise, a travel agency (...). The diverse activities of LaboratoireS included a Vernissage, the Situationist Day, 10am poems, the writing of Manifestos, the creation of performances and exhibitions, eating pâttisserie, skype art, the development of a dictionary, applying to Beaux Arts de Paris, moving to Berlin, sending applications and much more.

This opening to the field of possibilities marks the general concept of LaboratorieS as a dispositive for the meeting of individuals, thoughts, actions, dreams and stories. The first physical representation of LaboratoireS was only a formal pretext to create a symbolic space that can appear anywhere anytime.

Within LaboratoireS the following projects were conducted: